Thursday, February 4, 2010

Secluded Companion

And we walked along..
Straight to that path, that led to nowhere,
Awful discussions; that didn't belong there,
The pebbles even made noise..
Coz we kicked.
The beats of the heart were loud,
But we conveniently skipped.
Practical was the word around,
The conversation be barely doth,
We discussed everything else,
But not we both.
We came back home, Panted and exhausted,
Solution not known ..on a path less travelled.

Fear !!

I watch u sleep,
I am Jealous of the night.
I will steal you from your dreams…
Just to buy you some more time;
So much in my heart,so much in my soul,
That a lifetime won`t be ever enough; to let u know..,
My love is my only fear..
Someday I will have to let you go ..!!!

To My readers

It`s been some time now I have been thinking of how all flows - a brook, an unstoppable river, drops, rain, emotions... What is the art that I can bind them? or I can hold them? I often hear people talk of taking control of them and not give it out.
But ..I apologize hold them will not be me ...., not the poet in me ..`coz all that both of us know is how to blot the paper. Let the break out of feelings be shared with no humans in my ordinary tongue, but with the paper and pen that proliferate just as thoughts build up and my mental state ahem emotions, gush.