Thursday, June 9, 2011

Destiny's Toy ..

Destiny found a new toy,
It merry along, and excited it was,
new was the play thing
and fragile it was.

D dropped it once and what a noise it made,
amused at this, she loosed grip again ...
the toy stayed in poise, while the cracked sound it made,
hilarious it was, She repeated over again,

She then tried something new,
A higher floor to throw it from,
The toy had now forgot to where it belonged...

A prey to the destiny, Silently it suffered all,
hands could not resist the invade,
tongue could not talk to retaliate,
unguarded it was, helpless and captive..

Feeble and exposed,
Yet composed, but on the verge of dismay,
The toy was I.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Attitude !!

Broken I am,
Dont mistake me with destroyed
I have been knocked at a juncture
Dont mistake me with defeated,
To stand loud, my architect constructed,
...Even when you loose the superficials,
Stand as a triumphed, and splended,
Look - Even the broken halo shines
I hold the poise like a winner`s asset !!