Thursday, April 29, 2010

Second phase to Liberty - Bravery !!

The boat set away to the land known,
The moiling lashes, huh, are his own.
Bad days & no food; it is prone,
Shard it will be, is a fear unknown,
It row its way and for days unshown,
With a brave mother, is how it was grown.

A day at abundance, another day to prove its brilliance,
It set away to the land unknown.
The juncture`s rage is beyond acceptance,
Was agreed when the sail had flown.
The sea swell & roared to the boat`s defiance,
The dory still kept the thorne.
The waves now begin to exhibit its flamboyance,
The dinghy was now loosing the possessed own.
The shore continued its aghast surveillance,
Till the dory was gone. A ghost to the land known.

We hear stories of its valor,
How it showed all its color,
It was the one seeking all flavour,
It proved to be the bravery cavour,

There is a sea for all you see,
All alike for you and me,

My dory shall be cite for bravery,
The wretch is momentary,

For, humans are no boats. They can be mend again!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Step --Thought to Liberty taken !!

I fear, that, that is everyday created,
A conscious that is slept, yet working.
I fear, but I am everyday humiliated,
A brain starved but creating.
I regret, being commissioned counted,
A hand is still contemplating;
I regret the reflect, digested,
A fondness for I, I am killing.
I forbear being liberated,
A unique ne plus ultra is waiting.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back to you..

I walked with him..silently,

I wasnt sure if he was there.

Unware, and with now rare, meloncholy,

I dragged my body against the air.

The relationship is holy,

And the whims unfair;

Before I could know really,

I know not he was where.

To my surprise I groped barely,

Would not mind to say a no, coz I stopped never there.

I walked and walked alone and alone and alone aweful and wretchedly,

For all I thought I lost that care.

My days will end all poorly,

Unsatisfacotory for existence and austere.

The thought wasnt for long....

As he paced delightedly,

Held my hands with all sincere,

And we strolled home gracefully.