Monday, November 3, 2014


It's seemingly lost,
May be more than that,
May be bank opposite,
Too focused is making me loose perspective,
I am missing the bigger picture here.
Words dance, and 
Concepts gaze,
Literature from sight to haze,
There are so many promises,
To grow better and nerd,
It's seemingly far-fetched,
May be more than that,
May be bank opposite. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Death shall do us part !

I am desperate, hungry, and vulnerable,
I am hurt and refinedly gratified,
Love was leaving,
And, heart was cracking like a new cheap wall.
Ghost of the relation leaped into darkness,
I can see him offer flowers to my grave,
I sit in melancholy, in a shade - ambushed,
I have devils on my back.

Freedom is a myth, death an illusion,
Tell me when would you realize, you have to let me in,
Do it before my eyes can see you no more,
My ears shall fade to recognize my own,

The painter said it, with it's canvas,
How should I with my quiet lips?

PS:  A word of thanks to Avinash K Rai, for his photography has always been an inspiration, that it elucidates me to a world of esoteric. 

Decennial of Togetherness

It's here,
And we celebrate- though parted, another year,
I still recall the first time I met you,
Words exchanged were none n few,
I was reluctant, a little hesitant,
Your eyes, overindulgent,
I took a step back, 
Yet you poured all your love,
And set it free - your dove.

Only to come back;
My brain n heart protest,
I was sincere; so confessed,
It's with you my charming, I find my love nest.

It's been a decade today,
We understood it's no play,
I know you know, 
As life happened, our passion grows,
Brighter the flame glows,
You held me when the world went for a walk,
Ladies in hamlet- banter and talk,
When the light was bleak, 
And my knees weak,
Even when it began to snow, 
We went slow,
You held me tight,
Safe and right,
We shall come to grow grey, together,
I sublime in you and leave your side for never.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Broken I am,
dont mistake me with destroyed
I have been knocked at a juncture
Dont mistake me with defeated,
To stand loud, my architect constructed,
...Even when you loose the superficials,
Stand as a triumphed, and splended,
Look - Even the broken halo shines
I hold the poise like a winner`s asset !!


The world owned me and I could not resist,
There was darkness.., inside & out,
So .... I closed my mind with doubt,
The sun was setting on me,
Darkness descending ...
Brave I am ... I kept pretending,

Enigmatically dipped into the dusk …
Hope was bleak.. and knees weak,
in this tunnel - light I seek,

Groping ended..
The slit found, enlightened and profound,
It dawns on me - I can now hear my sound,

I have been awaken to light,
Closed to awry, and conscious to satisfaction,
Kindled with calm, passionate and optimism.


A green attire
and a fedora dipped in blood
I stand to protect my community
...Beyond the shadows of the standing.... I eye the peril

As the gear lashes in air
I realise the sweat on my back
As the nail on my head hurts
I recall the brutal attack,

The fallen, and the dark
The edges ripped.

As u see me from behind,
My claret flows..., to doubt my poise
It mixed with my fret to change and go bright,
This is delusion and bait for the confusion
The hunter will be hunted and rampant controlled..
My eyes are on the path - alert and in control.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Destiny's Toy ..

Destiny found a new toy,
It merry along, and excited it was,
new was the play thing
and fragile it was.

D dropped it once and what a noise it made,
amused at this, she loosed grip again ...
the toy stayed in poise, while the cracked sound it made,
hilarious it was, She repeated over again,

She then tried something new,
A higher floor to throw it from,
The toy had now forgot to where it belonged...

A prey to the destiny, Silently it suffered all,
hands could not resist the invade,
tongue could not talk to retaliate,
unguarded it was, helpless and captive..

Feeble and exposed,
Yet composed, but on the verge of dismay,
The toy was I.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Attitude !!

Broken I am,
Dont mistake me with destroyed
I have been knocked at a juncture
Dont mistake me with defeated,
To stand loud, my architect constructed,
...Even when you loose the superficials,
Stand as a triumphed, and splended,
Look - Even the broken halo shines
I hold the poise like a winner`s asset !!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Solo Hymn ....

It rained last night...
And I sat by the window
Clouds wept down on my pane,
They had come to accompany...

The Morning came..... bright n sunny ...
The flowers at the orchid blossomed...
The fragrance carried me to bliss
I promise to take you to one...if you shall return....


My Bee....., the flowers would whither without thy kiss.
It is beautiful for you...
It is growing for you...
Why art thou refraining..,
Surrender to the rhapsody..
Submit to passion…
Dive into pleasure...
And drown into this ecstasy

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Broken Conjunctions !!

And the chain broke.....

Let me take you back in time,
A story of two friends with there own rhymes,
Stayed together on the same road for a while,
We had an unmatched style,
Time passed and we knew each other better,
Despite differences, science was the common feather,
I argued and he was eristic,
I always shrugged saying he was eccentric,
Lunches were together and confabulations at dinner,
Distances in nature now seemed thinner,
Time passed and I got possessive,
I disagree to the statement that I was addictive,
I never interfered,
Though his actions I always feared,
Companions mocked and I despised
Soon towards me, too i could see him iced,
I knew him well, so I was stoical,
Nothing was new, he is cynical,

Today I lost it all,
Patience barriers all did fall,
He walks ahead and I stand waiting,
What i dislike is useless cribbing,
My psyche was wrong,
He never to his self belonged,
And the chain broke.....
A passer by I was mistaken with a buddy
No expectations, with World; I am ready !!