Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Death shall do us part !

I am desperate, hungry, and vulnerable,
I am hurt and refinedly gratified,
Love was leaving,
And, heart was cracking like a new cheap wall.
Ghost of the relation leaped into darkness,
I can see him offer flowers to my grave,
I sit in melancholy, in a shade - ambushed,
I have devils on my back.

Freedom is a myth, death an illusion,
Tell me when would you realize, you have to let me in,
Do it before my eyes can see you no more,
My ears shall fade to recognize my own,

The painter said it, with it's canvas,
How should I with my quiet lips?

PS:  A word of thanks to Avinash K Rai, for his photography has always been an inspiration, that it elucidates me to a world of esoteric. 

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