Friday, August 14, 2009

What does Poetry mean to me .....?

Poetry gives my overflowing thoughts a way. Just as a painter paints the beauty he appreciates with his naked eyes, glorifies it, honours it by painting it on the canvas, with beautiful colors, which might just be a sea, a cloud, a scenery to us, but means a world to the painter. It is only his eyes that can see and feel the truth.

The Poet similarly, is the person who knows to imagine beyond imagination, to see beyond that horizon, narrate the dips of the sun, emotions of the sea, that they can all be personified with us --- the living beings.

My major interest ....

My interests include poetry and loads of reading. Reading anything and everything. :)

Poetry to me is that Classic of literature that helps me say my heart out. The feelings I will never be able to reveal, become easy to express this way. I consider myself fortunate when my love says "I wish I could appreciate God`s creations like the way you do. You are gifted."
It is this poetry that let my tears out when I was sad, let me show joy when I was on the clouds of overwhelming ecstasy; and with no words, or expressions on my face I said it all -- All to my diary.
Greetings ...

I am Sherry. Welcome to my Blog !!

To describe myself in a few words would be -- Unpredictable but sensible.I come from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, to nurture and grow to graduate in it`s capital city Lucknow. My first job took me to Noida, a blooming IT hub, for which HCL forms almost the monopoly. I stood to be a proud part of that institution!!

My marriage carries me to the beautiful city of Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra -- situated at the eastern edge of the Western Ghats on the Deccan plateau, at an altitude of 559 m above sea level-- is a town small but safe. This city is one of the largest urban agglomerations in India.