Sunday, May 9, 2010

Broken Conjunctions !!

And the chain broke.....

Let me take you back in time,
A story of two friends with there own rhymes,
Stayed together on the same road for a while,
We had an unmatched style,
Time passed and we knew each other better,
Despite differences, science was the common feather,
I argued and he was eristic,
I always shrugged saying he was eccentric,
Lunches were together and confabulations at dinner,
Distances in nature now seemed thinner,
Time passed and I got possessive,
I disagree to the statement that I was addictive,
I never interfered,
Though his actions I always feared,
Companions mocked and I despised
Soon towards me, too i could see him iced,
I knew him well, so I was stoical,
Nothing was new, he is cynical,

Today I lost it all,
Patience barriers all did fall,
He walks ahead and I stand waiting,
What i dislike is useless cribbing,
My psyche was wrong,
He never to his self belonged,
And the chain broke.....
A passer by I was mistaken with a buddy
No expectations, with World; I am ready !!


  1. First para is fantastic :-)

    And for a change I could understand this one completely :-)))

  2. Great stuff. I can re-read it over and over

    Shabnam Ansari

  3. very well quoted

  4. Very well written! Really enjoyed reading and re-reading!! :)

  5. Fab!! Just Fab!!